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It’s all about the playlists

2017 – The Expected Unexpected

Can you guys just believe it?  this year is OVER.  And what a year it was! In a nutshell: Music: It was a throwback kind of year as far as concerts goes.  We used to go to gigs all the time!  In fact we used to travel to see bands.  Now we travel to run. …

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September Update or How to Fail Your Blog

So. Crazy times you guys.  I think I just totally failed my blog since I haven’t had time to post. Let me just tell you about September: Gym: I’ve been going to the gym! whoo hoo! So far it’s not been more than one time a week but I’ll get there soon. It’s difficult with…

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Tunes Tuesday 2.28

  Hey everyone, last week I was checking out some blogs and noticed that a few of my favorite Sweat Pink Ambassadors are doing a Tunes Tuesday linkup every week… being that I love music, and am always interested in what others are listening to as well, I thought I would try to join in…

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These Last Few Days

Perhaps we are on the brink of our regularly scheduled programming in Pinkyland. – After two very hard weeks at work (and I know, I shouldn’t complain, other people have it harder and longer that’s what she said than just two weeks of stress, but I have experienced all that before to the point where…

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Ek Lek Tik

Before my 12K (!!!) Run Sunday – set my iPod up for 85 minutes of success. Until Sunday, the most I’d done was a little over 10K. I guess I can stop worrying about the possibility of failure on the official 12K I’m participating in at the end of the month. Anyway I was just…

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