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Friday Five – And We’re Off!

Tweet 2018!  We made it!! Happy New Year Everyone! Not only is it the new year it’s the FIRST Friday.  That means my new attempt to do the FRIDAY FIVE! If all goes well I’ll be linking up each week (uh, every other week? occasionally? we all know my track record!  but I can CHANGE,…

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2017 – The Expected Unexpected

Tweet Can you guys just believe it?  this year is OVER.  And what a year it was! In a nutshell: Music: It was a throwback kind of year as far as concerts goes.  We used to go to gigs all the time!  In fact we used to travel to see bands.  Now we travel to…

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That Obligatory Year End Post

Tweet Ok maybe not obligatory, but all of the cool kids are doing it, so… 2013, what a year, eh? I started off being pretty excited about the Berlin Half Marathon – I was scared but felt like I was ready to tackle the distance again. I have to say for this event I trained…

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