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WRD: Stormy Weather

Tweet I had a lot of hope for this week. It seemed like the universe was a little bit against that hope. It’s fine. It just could have been better. WAY better. It is full on Autumn here in the Netherlands. For those of you who know nothing about the seasons here it goes a…

By Renée 6 October, 2019 27

WRD: Week 25 Summer Starts

Tweet Summer is truly here, the temperatures are higher, the rain is a bit less and we’ve officially had the longest day on Thursday! The heat is supposed to increase as well in the next week … good thing I’ve started my summer holiday so I can wear as little clothes as possible around the…

By Renée 23 June, 2019 14

January Recap: A decent Start

Tweet It’s Friday, but no Friday Five from me today. wah wah wah…. Instead I bring you the recap that was January.   January was a fairly decent start.  I would like to see some improvements.  I would like to manage my time well and I would like to sleep enough.  Managing my life seems…

By Renée 2 February, 2018 Off