Project 42: The Plan

Weight Watchers ProPoints – 29 points per day, 49 extra per week.  (Monday’s result:  32.5 / 3.5 from extra)

Earn minimum 50 activity points per week.  (so far 9 on Sunday)

Run minimum two times per week.  (plan: Tuesday and Friday)

Gym minimum two times per week. (plan: Thursday and Saturday)

200 situps challenge – initial test Sunday 18th April: 81 situps (start with Week 3)

100 pushups challenge – initial test Sunday 18th April: 17 pushups

9 thoughts on “Project 42: The Plan

  1. Dang, girl! I’ve bookmarked the 200 sit-ups link so I can study it today. I KNOW I need something hard core to work on my squishy stomach and I think this might be it. I’m totally not even looking at the push-up thing though!

  2. Hey River – I keep doing the 100 pushups program only to peter out after a few weeks! I have been meaning to do the 200 situps program for a while now though!

    Katie – ha! glad I could give you the info. and when you are ready for pushups… you know where to find it ;-)

  3. I like how you have a plan! Maybe I need to try this too. I’m horrible with working out. I’ve tried the 100 pushup challenge, but give up everytime.

    I need to change that!

    Good luck with your Project 42! :)

    1. Hey Brooke! Thanks for coming by!

      Are you horrible with working out because you don’t like it, or do you just not have time to fit it in? You may find when you are closer to goal you need it more. I know when I did WW 10 years ago I didn’t exercise very much at all and then I plateaued for about 6 weeks (unlike now, going on 5 months)- then I stepped it up a notch.

      You know, if you don’t like it, maybe you just haven’t found “your” thing yet.

      And if it’s time you don’t have, there is a way to work it in, even just planning 1 day a week until you can build up more.

      You can always join me on my challenges you know… *wink*

  4. I think your plan is great! I have been admiring your workouts on Twitter…:-) I am just getting caught up after vacation. I love your attitude of acceptance before creating change. I am working on that too right now. Thank you for the shout out last week. I think I am going to do my first 5k in June. I will keep you posted…:-)

    1. Oh Kat, it would be fantastic if you would do a 5K!! I can totally recommend just going for it :) you know when I signed up for my first race my only requirement of myself was that I finish. That’s it! You would just love the vibe, the people cheering and the amazing sense of accomplishment when you cross that line! Definitely keep me posted!

      You really have been a great inspiration to me, even if I don’t get around to commenting as much as I’d like to. Glad I can “see” you on DailyMile now as well.

      Hope you are getting back in the swing again since coming back from you holiday!

  5. Looks like a good plan to me.

    I’ve started the push up program in January but it was hurting my back and my arms were so sore I couldn’t do my other weight workouts anymore so I quit. In my current gym program I have to do push ups also and that’s going fine now.

    1. Hey Fran, the push ups are hard for sure but I’m glad they are going better for you now! My husband can’t join me at all this time, he has a sort of infection (slijmvlies ontsteeking I think it’s called???) And he’s not even allowed to do them, poor guy!

      So far I feel really good, but I do know that this “plan” of mine isn’t really any different than what I was doing before we switched to Pro Points. Maybe I have subconsciously been resisting the program all along?? I don’t know.

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