Weigh-in Week #7

Another Wednesday, another weigh-in.  After I posted on Monday about Sabotage I guess the result shouldn’t really be surprising:


Week 7 Result


I’m glad that the end result was maintaining the loss (3.9KG) so far but I’m struggling a bit with being hungry and I don’t think that’s a good thing.  Finding the balance here is tough.

What I did/ did not do this week that I need to keep an eye on:

  1. I did not log food on all days like I did the week before
  2. I had some alcohol (not a lot, I think 3 beers in total)
  3. I ate pizza (not the whole thing – there’s a first!) and ice cream (I asked for 1 scoop instead of the 3 that was offered and I had the one)
  4. I did not “earn” as many activity points as the week before

This is kind of where I peter out when it comes to losing weight.  I’m not discourage per se, but it sure does feel like a lot of work (and being hungry) to do this.  Just like with running, I compare myself to others (which isn’t helpful at all)  and I wonder why it’s so “easy” for others to do this while I’ve been doing this since 2009.

Anyway.  Hopefully some movement in the right direction next week.

i know most readers do not have weight issues, nor are you all on your own weight loss journey, so I’m not even sure what to ask today.

Here’s to next week.

9 thoughts on “Weigh-in Week #7

  1. No gain is a win in my book. I so get that point when you just wanna go back to “normal” where you can have the pizza, not track every morsel etc. Keep on keeping on.

    1. thanks Marcia. sometimes I just get so annoyed that THIS is my reality and I can’t just have whatever (or I can but I pay for it). but i think learning to let go of the annoyance and accept (and take responsibility for my choices) is really going to be key.

  2. Finding balance is something I continue to struggle with. Some days I’m perfectly fine and others I’m a little hungry. I do track everything so it’s easier for me to see that maybe I need more protein when I’m feeling hungry, etc.

    No weight gain is a huge achievement! I know we all want to see weight loss but anything but a gain is a win in my book!

    1. you are so right. I find it hard to track sometimes. Because either I don’t know how to track it, or the numbers make me crazy. So I just try to pick it up the next day and hit my target again.

    1. so very true, Deborah. thanks for reminding me of that!! sometimes I need to remember these things and not expect weight to come flying off every week.

  3. It IS hard. And I’m sorry to tell you that it only gets harder and harder as you get older. OTOH, it’s also really worth it. You have to find something that feels doable to you for the rest of your life — and even then it’s going to change. Lately I’d be happy to be maintaining. :)

    1. I know you know what I am talking about ! And generally I am OKish with where I’m at weight-wise, but I KNOW that I run easier when I’m closer to the 70KG mark. Whether I will reach that again is still to be seen. But at least 74 by my birthday. And if I maintain after that, so be it. I’m already running easier – it makes a difference!

      1. I do totally get it. I’m up just a little bit, and to most people they would just shrug and say who cares? But I just feel better with those few pounds off — being vertically challenged doesn’t help!

        We actually didn’t go out to eat last Sunday — mainly since we ate out Friday and also sat morning — the sundae was instead of going out. :) Ok, really it was just cause I wanted it. :)

        We had eggs for dinner, with some sweet potato home fries for me, and that works quite well as a recovery meal!

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