Week 25 – Rest, Run, Ride, Repeat



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This week has been pretty ok, with the exception of being super busy at work (can’t have everything right?). Week 2 of Marathon Training is in the Books!!

I’m posting this song/video today because the more I listen to it, the more I love it.  I do feel now like I’m ready to do whatever it takes!

Week Totals:
Biking:  77.25 KM
Running: 28 KM
Steps: 61184 (not including runs)
Gym: 3x
One lunch walk
No AM workouts done

Planned vs. Actual
Monday – AM Workout  nope, did have a walk at lunch though
Tuesday – AM Workout, Training @Runiversity  no AM workout (at least I’m consistent), did go to training
Wednesday – BodyPump OR Spinning with Vincent BodyPump
Thursday – Free BodyCheck at the gym, maybe a run with Gerrit had a free “bodycheck”, no run with Gerrit
Friday – AM Workout, Training @Runiversity no AM workout, did go to training

Minimum 3 lunch walks (trying again) didn’t happen, too busy
Get my 10,000 steps in each day (trying again) slightly better than last week
Continue to work on house stuff making progress!!!


Monday – was definitely a rest day, but was glad to get out at lunch.  The weather has been really psychotic the last week and it threatened to rain with a few drops right at the end of my walk. Had internal auditors at my desk at work for half the day so that was kind of a rough start to the day!  Total Biking: 4.4KM

Monday: scarf and jacket but refusing to not wear sunglasses

Tuesday – I think right now we can forget about these AM workouts, though I do think it’s necessary to do certain exercises more often than one time a week!  So I want to sort my head out and get these exercises in, even if it’s not in the morning (I’m talking about a bit of core work, squats and lunges in particular and a bit of mobility).   I did cycle almost 14KM to training and we did technique training but not a lot of KM’s.  Total Running: 3.21KM. Total Biking 18.15 (including commute).

Tuesday: still in a scarf and Jacket…

Wednesday – super busy again at work, had plans to lunch with a colleague and that just didn’t happen.  Rushed home after work, changed and packed my gym bag  – Vincent was picking me up at 5:10pm!   We arrived in plenty of time (last week we were a bit late and it was tough getting a space to work out in class), got our stations set up and at 6pm it was ON!  i am enjoying BodyPump;  trying to be realistic with weights, etc., and trying to build up properly instead of going for gold and suffering from DOMS for three days…  Biking was 4.4KM (regular commute)


Wednesday: now it’s blazing out again!
BodyPump Kids!!!

Thursday – more stress at work (should be over now – I had a colleague who was on holiday for two weeks but he’s back by the time this is published).  Auditors at my desk in the afternoon again AND I had to leave a bit early –  I had an acupuncture appointment at 3:30!  Usually I go to this particular physio for dry-needling but she suggested a while ago that we also try acupuncture for my foot so I figured why not?  Interesting.  I do not understand this hocus pocus but there was in fact less pressure and pain on my toe when we were finished…   In the evening I had an appointment for a “free body check”  but it was more a kind of marketing thing to get clients.   I already have a lifestyle coach and don’t think I need a new one!   I was there already and Ron ran to the gym to do his strength training so I did 10 min on the elliptical and 10 min core work (that I’m still feeling).  Biking was 5KM (commute + a little to the physio).

gym mat face

Friday – slept in a wee bit, Ron was working from home so no need for either of us to get out of bed at the crack of dawn.  I only needed to leave the house in the afternoon for massage clients so I did some stuff in the house and prepped my bag for training in evening.   Ron had almost the exact same training on his program so he decided to go to Runiversity with me – yay!   I went to the health center for my two clients and then met Ron later on the bike to go to training.   The plan:  8 x 500 with 200m recovery.  And I was supposed to run the 500m at a pace of 4:54m per km (or 2:27 each interval).  Which, by the way, is insane if you ask me.  I managed it more around 2:35 average which is still stinking fast for me.  My brain wanted to stop at #6 but then I thought, what kind of idiot would I be to stop when there is no physical reason to do so???  So I pushed forward.  Total running distance 9.78KM.  After training the hubs and I biked over to one of our favorite local cafes, Cafe Metropole, for a beer and a bite.  Total biking: 19.65KM

ready to go to training (need a jacket again)

Saturday – we got home kind of late so getting up at 7 was a slight challenge, but … it was time for RPM and Vincent was picking me up so I had to be ready on time!  Ron was also up and running to the gym again to get his training in.   RPM was yet another sweat-fest.  Happy my favorite instructor was there as well!

Afterwards we were busy again with our home projects.  Another mattras to the recycling center.  A trip to the home improvement center, and I spent quite a few hours packing up things we don’t need anymore (who needs 672 wine glasses!!!) to take to the local charity shop.   Basically we are going to redo The Girl’s room to a sporty room and The Boy’s room will still be for my stepson when he wants to come over, but a lot has been cleared out (and we bought a new sofa bed, yay!) so that it’s not full of stuff no one is using.   We will first paint the sporty room and get things set up in there and then do The Boy’s room.  I’ll be getting rid of some furniture as well in the very near future.   It will be good to get this stuff DONE!


suckered Dick into a selfie

Sunday – time for the long run!  My schedule said 90 minutes so I calculated 14k and a bit for a pace of around 6:30min per km.  I started off a bit fast but it felt good so I kept going (foot and toe were feeling pretty ok).  I did take a break here and there for Clif shotbloks and water (it was not super warm, but humid).  I was pretty surprised at how it was going and with my pace, to make 90 minutes I was actually going to have to go 15K instead of 14 and a bit.   The end was getting hard but I just kept pushing the pace.  15KM in 1 hour and 33 minutes.  I was pretty sure that had to be some sort of record and while not my best 15K ever, it was the fastest I’d run a 15KM since November 2015…   I’m telling you, the combination of recovery, rest, minimum runs and 4KG weight loss is making a difference.  Now to just get my foot in order!!

After the run it was time for rest, shower and refueling!  Ron was running with Vincent and once he was home he pretty much had to go through the same procedure!  We decided to go out for dinner – I know it’s the lazy way but honestly it’s really hard to cook when you have pretty much used up all your energy for the day!  So around 6pm we jumped on the bikes and headed to town to our favorite Thai restaurant.  So. freaking. good.  Total biking:  7.5KM

around 12KM – happy to be back in town at the John Frost Bridge

As far as food goes, it’s been a challenging week.   I have been really focusing on less carbs on non-training days and more carbs on the days I need them the most (or like Saturday night, when we have pasta because of the long run on Sunday).  But still sometimes I’m quite hungry and I need to figure out fuel that is not going to hinder the the weight loss process.  I haven’t been on the scale so I’ve no idea what is going to happen on Wednesday.  It’s a process, I know this, but with the way things are going with running I really would like to see the numbers drop just a little bit more.   Though my goal is still 74KG by the time my birthday rolls around and that should still be possible.


Next week:
Monday – rest
Tuesday – 45 min recovery run (no Runiversity on Tuesday, only on Monday and I want my rest day)
Wednesday – BodyPump OR RPM
Thursday – rest (acupuncture and movies with a friend)
Friday – at the moment I have no clients so I’ll probably do more stuff in the house, + Training in the PM
Saturday – Midsummer Run (PM) 7.5KM
Sunday – Probably Westervoort 10KM + 5KM for my long run

How was your week? did you have any pleasant surprises with training? Is your weather nuts – from chilly out to blazing hot within a day or two?

46 thoughts on “Week 25 – Rest, Run, Ride, Repeat

  1. So sorry that you had to deal with some stress at work this week but glad that it should be better this week since your colleague is back!

    Also, I love that song from Imagine Dragons! I just added it to my playlist.

  2. I definitely need that song on my playlist! I love that you get to bike commute to work. That was my plan for the summer but our weather has not been conducive for that. Either it rains or it’s boiling hot. I’d need dry clothes either way! LOL

    1. i don’t know what I would do anymore if I couldn’t bike to work! I have thought a few times about looking for other jobs but where I want to work is an hour train ride away. I am just not doing that again (I did 2 hours each way to Starbucks for 7 years. I’m still suffering, I’m sure) so I am staying where I’m at and going to find the positives in it as well and try to excel at what I’m doing. It’s tough though to commute if it means you have to bring a ton of clothes and have a shower once you arrive!

  3. Great work this week and a nice variety of activity, too. Also well done for doing your house stuff: we have been slowly sorting out our guest room so we can actually, ykknow, have guests again! It’s hard to get that stuff done!

    1. thanks Liz! and yes I would love to actually have someone be able to stay here and not worry what a tip the place is!

  4. Great song!

    Hope your foot cooperates. You are doing so well with your runs and workouts.

  5. That song is all over the air waves here but I still can’t get enough of it! Your decluttering project sounds like it’s going well. It always feels SO good to let go of unused stuff and reclaim space. Gosh I think the weather is psychotic all over the world right now.

    1. definitely is feeling good to get stuff done in the house now. I’m taking days off next week so that we have it DONE by next weekend. two rooms, painting and clearing out as much as possible!

  6. Nice job! I have been very curious about acupuncture but too scared to try it!

    Our weather has been crazy too, every day seems wildly different from the next!

  7. You have some impressive numbers here. I need to freshen up on my conversion of Km to miles. I know how far a 5k and 10k are but after that I’m fuzzy…haha. hope things are less stressful next week on the work front!

  8. LOL on giving up on morning workouts — why set yourself up for failure ;-) I have found that one key to not being too hungry with my long runs is to eat a bit before and then ASAP after. Otherwise the hunger sneaks up on me and hits my like a bus — or a pizza delivery truck.

    1. haha RIGHT?? I pretty much do the same with long run fueling. Last Sunday I even had a Clif shot blok every couple of KM’s. I already boiled an egg for when I returned so I could have that, some toast, some cream cheese and some salmon to refuel :)

  9. Congrats on your fastest 15k since 2015! That’s awesome. I had auditors in my office last week too. That always adds an extra level of stress. I haven’t tried acupuncture…yet. I’ll try anything if it makes the pain go away! I definitely need to download that song. One of their songs (Believer) helped me snag a recent half marathon PR. Thanks for linking!

    1. Thanks Holly! and auditors (even internal) just add stress, for sure. luckily I heard back that we are actually doing the right things (phew) only a few improvements needed. Acupuncture is interesting! I recommend it, also dry needling for tough trigger points/knots and cupping for super tight muscles!

    1. Thanks Katie! we do have some hills here too but it’s not so bad. It is the Netherlands after all (but NOT flat / under sea level like Amsterdam) haha!

  10. Looks like you have a pretty solid plan including some good cross training going on! I’m weak in cross training…I hate it so I rarely do it. I just joined Camp Gladiator here for a month so I’m going to try that out and see how I like it!

    1. cross training hasn’t always been my fave but I’m learning that I NEED it more than I need to run more often. If that makes sense. Camp Gladiator by name alone sounds like it could be good cross training!

  11. Great job getting those workouts in! I’m working night shifts right now so I’m trying to get in my workouts after my shift before I sleep!

    That Imagine Dragons song is awesome for workouts! I’m gonna have to add it to my workout playlist! :]

    1. Thanks Farrah! Hopefully night shifts won’t wreck your plans too much. I am always looking for good songs for the playlist, so I’m glad to share!

  12. Yes, our weather has been rather schizoid, too. Also not particularly hot (will change this weekend) but lots of humidity last week. So far this week has actually been quite pleasant.

    Sounds like your training is coming along nicely. My coach often has paces that seem rather insane to me . . . and sometimes I can do them and sometimes I can’t.

    We usually go out to eat on long run day. :) Although last week we didn’t — just out for dessert. :)

    1. I think as long as we try, Judy, it’s really ok. If my trainer thinks I can do it, there must be something there that indicates it?

      it does seem like going out to eat after the long run will likely continue, at least through the summer… just have to keep an eye on what I eat so I CAN have the dessert (and I saw yours and it was TO DIE FOR).

  13. I understand stress at work, ugh! Thankfully I haven’t dealt with auditors for a couple of years. Sounds like you had some good workouts. My weather has been crazy too. Hot to pleasant, to cool, back to hot.

  14. We love Imagine Dragons, but that song is on EVERY station right now. My son and I kind of joke about it in the car. It’s a great song though and I’m glad it’s giving you motivation!

    You’re doing so great staying on track! I’m really proud that you are managing all the stress and distractions while sticking on track with your goals. You should be proud.

    Our weather swings from hellaciously hot and humid to even more hellaciously hot and humid. It’s a struggle, to be sure.

  15. Great breakdown of your week!
    I hope your work stress is better!
    Of course I am always happy to hear when others go to a Body Pump class! I was at Live over the weekend and the new pump is great!
    Great work on your long run! I can’t wait till I am running more again soon!

    1. Thanks Esther! I really can’t wait for the new release (also of RPM) but am nervous at the same time! I always feel like a n00b in the beginning!

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