July No Goals Goals

3 July, 2017 Off By Renée

Not a typo, ladies and gents, this month my goals are…



wait, what?

Yeah.  No.  Seriously.  Ok, maybe I have goals but they are regular goals that never change, there’s nothing new and that’s actually not helping me focus on anything.  I mean “Goal:  lose weight”  Right.  How you gonna do that, Pinky?  By doing the same thing you’ve always done because you just can’t figure out any other way?  It’s not helping me.  I’m not helping me.  So let’s put that “goal” on the back burner right now, m’kay?

So let me just tell you what I have in store:

  1. Runiversity Training – Monday and Friday trainings, Social Mile on Wednesday (fun run, not training), Saturday morning “Primal Movement” and Sunday Long Run.  I’m pain-free (can I get a “hallelujah!”) and I want to start moving forward again with running.
  2. Sports Massage – as in I’m the one massaging – Tuesday nights and Friday in the afternoon.
  3. Swimming – freestyle laps, Friday morning


The rest is fluff and fun.  The weight loss goes on hold, there are no real “goals” for my race in August (just to run non-stop).  I’m hoping for a bit of social life to see some friends I haven’t seen for a while and for a summer holiday and the rest will kind of be just getting on with it.


What do you think about No Goals?  Do you need a goal to achieve something?  Do you think that goals exist subconsciously even if we say we aren’t setting any?