Week 3 – B.B.B. Week



In these parts (the Netherlands) BBB stands for buik, billen en benen  (stomach, butt and legs) and generally this is a low-impact 45 minute class to target these areas.    This week for me it’s kind of stood for burpees, bodypump and bread.  haha!  That should give you a bit of an indication how food went this week…  I did do more than just the above, I also had some running and RPM thrown in.  One of the things I was looking into for my recovery period is Pilates – I need something where I can still work on my core strength without putting pressure on my foot for several weeks.  I thought mat pilates would be something for me.

Anyway, here’s what happened:


Monday – Introduction class Pilates

Tuesday – Runiversity  BodyPump

Wednesday – RPM

Thursday – BodyPump REST (just exhausted from a very busy work week)

Friday – Runiversity 9.3KM intervals (1.2km 90% max, 400m rest x 5)

Saturday – RPM, Kettlebell Workout

Sunday – Long Run Short Run with Intervals (200m / 100m recovery x10) 7KM


Running KM’s:  16.3
Gym: x2
Home: burpees, planks, kettlebell w/o



Burpee Challenge: Today is officially a rest day but I took Thursday off so I still need to will do 50 burpees to catch up.  It’s challenging but, full disclosure, I do 5 at a time. The whole point of the challenge, in my opinion, is to DO the burpees, however you can do them.

Plank Challenge: I skipped since Thursday (doing REAL well here) so looks like I’ve got to do 4 planks still today (Sunday). Let’s see what happens.

Tuesday I once again thought that I had to be in a different location for Runiversity.  But I was there and no one showed up so I thought “great, I’ve messed up the location again”  – turns out the training was cancelled since no one could make it.  My trainer thought I wasn’t coming on Tuesdays so he didn’t let me know it was cancelled. Anyway, I knew the guys (Ron and Vincent) were going to BodyPump so I called Ron to ask him to grab a few things for me for the gym and I raced home to make it on time to go with them.  I remember now why I used to train indoors during the week LONG ago;  it’s much easier to intervals on a treadmill than in pitch black cold and windy conditions.    I’ve informed my trainer that I will indeed be at training for the next two Tuesdays this month.  In February we start training only on Mondays and Fridays (Tuesdays will be scrapped because Chantor – my trainer – and Kim are going to be first time parents soon and he needs to free up some time in his schedule).  Ron has started training with Runiversity, so this will be nice to go together.  Because we don’t do enough sport together haha! Sometimes I think we are like that sporty couple Brad and Margo from Christmas Vacation!



Weigh-in Wednesday


In the Weight Watchers week  (Weds – Weds) things didn’t go that well.  Of course I had Ron’s birthday in the mix but again, full disclosure, on Tuesday I sort of lost the plot a bit.    I didn’t eat any junk at work, but I did buy stuff and then proceeded to eat it.  It’s not a big deal, I chose for it.  I’m fully responsible.  One of the things I am working on is the awareness of when I don’t feel good mentally and how I react to that.  I was super busy at work (stress) I am still processing that I need to have another surgery (sad, mad, feeling of throwing in the towel) and Monday’s Pilates lesson had me feeling like I am just not meant to be sporty at all (ridiculous, I know).   It was just hard and I felt like I wasn’t “getting it”.   I mean do you have to get the breathing down before you can really engage your core?  And by the way, sometimes I feel like I can’t even feel my core, you  know? Then I started wishing I had learned how to engage my core when I was younger, so I wouldn’t have this weak, flabby belly to deal with. So yeah.  That’s what was going on in my brain this week  Anyway, not dwelling, it is what it is.

As far as logging in the WW app, as per usual, i kind of get sick of keeping track of everything all the time.   So there is some stress there as well, that I obviously have put on myself.  I have NOT kept up with this habit this week for sure.  In fact yesterday I ate enough bread to give the indication to my body that I was running a marathon today (which I obviously wasn’t)  Ha! I love bread, but I try not to eat too much of it because I don’t need it all the time.


I will be back on food logging next week.


Habits This Week:

Log food in WW app: 2/7
No junk at work: every day (worked 4 days this week)
10K steps per day: 4/7 days
take stairs at home: every day
vitamins: 4/7 days

I’m not sure what I’m going to do about vitamins actually –  I have been reading about surgery and vitamins and it could be that there are some I need to NOT take prior to the operation.  I don’t know when the operation is yet and I don’t know if you have to get any of this stuff out of your system (or if it’s just daily out of your system). Once I figure out what I can take then I’ll be back on the vitamins daily again as well.


That’s really it for this week.  My head space if full again with several different emotions regarding my foot, races I now have to give up, training I have to give up, searching for alternatives, trying to remain positive, etc.  Since I had a bit of an off week, I’m going to focus on having a better week coming up.



How was your week?  Have you done Pilates? Do you love bread?  Are you doing Rachel’s 21-Day Burpee Challenge? 

32 thoughts on “Week 3 – B.B.B. Week

  1. Nice job this week Renee! Love all the mix of workouts you did this week, especially all the burpees that you have been doing!

    It totally makes sense that you would have a range of emotions when thinking about having another surgery. It’s been a long road for you dealing with your foot, but hopefully this will be the final surgery that you need and it will make everything feel good.

    And to answer your question, yes – I love bread. Actually I love all carbs which is part of my problem, lol.

    1. thanks Kim! I was actually looking at youtube to see if I’m doing the burpees correctly and I may need to change how I’m doing them. I don’t know if that will make them harder though… I hope not!

  2. Of course I love bread. I don’t eat it a whole lot, though. Back in the day I baked it from scratch . . . sigh.

    I think you just had to process all the stuff you’re going through. It’s stressful!

    I do love Piates, but it IS hard! Give it a little more time and if it’s still not working, maybe try a new place?

    1. I don’t really know anyone who doesn’t like bread. Unless of course they are celiac and then I totally get it… Ron used to make bread all the time as well! I’m more of a banana / zucchini / veggie pulp bread baker. Still. I miss it. I just can’t eat one slice. WHO DOES THAT? ha!

      I spoke with the pilates lady and she said she thinks because of my fitness level I should be able to pick it up faster than those who just come in with no real idea about how their bodies work. This studio is super convenient – just a kilometer from my house. I could try it at my gym but after my surgery I just don’t know how easily I can get there. There’s a better chance at this studio near me. Let’s see!

  3. I can’t imagine what you are going through. Surgery is scary. And you’re wondering if it will be worth it.

    Fingers crossed that it fixes your feet. You have a lot more years of running to do.

    That is so cool and you and the hubby run together. Mine will never but at least he’s active and plays tennis.

    Don’t beat yourself up about your weight. You look great and are fit and active.

    I can’t have any junk in the house. I will eat it. Mostly I don’t buy but sometimes I need need a fix.

    1. Thanks Darlene. I really hope this will finally be the solution. I can’t wait to run with no pain, no inflammation. And I want to wear normal shoes again! i haven’t worn boots or heels or anything non-running for 3 years now! I have shoes to be worn!

      That “fix” is exactly what I’m talking about. Sometimes I just want some chocolate. I don’t keep it in the house, so at least I have to go out and get it.

  4. Sorry for all the stress!!!!! Are all those burpees helping with the stress, or creating more? ;-) I ask that, as a joke, of course. I was doing 20 burpees every day (for January) until this challenge came along, and now I’m feeling a bit burpee-over-whelmed. My solution was to do ZERO burpees yesterday (and still none on record for today). Yes, I’m a rebel LOL After my surgery, I was surprised at all the supplement they wanted me to take for a few months (and I was already taking multivitamins,etc.)…extra vitamins to aid in the skin healing and fighting off future staph that could be lurking. UGH. It was a bit scary.

    1. I’m a little burpee overwhelmed too! I’m going to finish the challenge but it could be a 25 day challenge instead of 21 :) I have never gotten any advise at all about supplements. Everything I take is from my own research. I started certain ones before my last surgery and now I take different ones mostly for (anti) inflammation. So I’m going to ask if I need to stop anything because I don’t want any risks or issues with the operation because of vitamins!

  5. Oh man, all the stress! Add in the unknown about the surgery and it’s no wonder you’re frustrated and feeling blah. I had surgery on my knee in 2017 and I don’t remember exactly (why didn’t I blog about that? hmm….) but I think I just had to stop my vitamin regimen for a few days. Definitely a fair question to ask!

    As for burpees, I often do them in sets of 5 as well. Sometimes, sets of 3. Somebody once told me to do a burpee and then count to 3 and then do a burpee, count, repeat. Believe it or not, that 3 seconds is actually a pretty decent little “rest” period. Even with that, I still break them up into sets. lol

    I really want to try Pilates! I’m just not sure where I can fit it in. I have to wait and see what happens with my schedule over the next month or so.

    1. I tried the count to 3 thing with my last burpees! it helped!!

      You are so so busy. I don’t know when you would fit pilates in either!

  6. I’m sorry to hear you have another surgery ahead. But I’m impressed you stayed active all week even when you weren’t feeling at your strongest. Those challenges look fun but I am not doing the burpee challenge. I’ve had elbow tendonitis 3 times now and it takes a full year for it to heal. So, I’ve gotten very selective about how I work my arms. I am the world’s worst about remembering to take my supplements. Why is that so hard for me? I hope you have a better week. Thanks for linking!

    1. Thanks Holly! I was checking out youtube for the correct form for burpees and one of the things one guy mentioned is having elbow issues! I’m glad you mentioned it to me (not glad you’ve had tendinitis OUCH!!) because that was the trigger to check if I’m doing them right.

      i use my habit tracker app to remember to take my supplements! I like having a “streak” so I just keep taking them!

  7. Impressive week! I don’t do any of those burpee/plank/push up challenges. It’s just a set up for injury. I think it’s better to rotate through the activities so you work different muscles. I think it’s fine to break up the burpees like that. Last week, we did 75 burpees in CrossFit but they were in sets of 3 in between EMOMs. Sometimes I do speedwork intervals with a set of 5 burpees after.

    I think you can take any supplements unless they thin your blood. I take a ton of supplements to ward off inflammation.

    1. I found the burpees much better split up with a kettlebell workout. I guess you just have to be selective and careful what you do.

      most of my supplements are also for anti-inflammation but I’m not convinced they help. My toes are once again feeling like there is fluid building up and the top of my foot really sore. But my new ortho does not want me to have any further cortisone injections – she’s not happy with how the injection point looks.

  8. You are doing so well with those burpees! That’s one thing I really struggle with! About pilates… the first class is awful. I started two years ago and felt like I fish out of water. Not only was it tough but I just couldn’t get all the coordination right, knowing when it breathe in and out, etc. etc.And I felt silly half the time. But if you stick at it and remain consistent you will be amazed at how much you develop. So give it time :-)

    1. ah I’m so happy to read this! this is exactly how I felt about the first class. like “how in the heck does anyone do this?” “when do I breathe?” “how do I breathe???” ha! I’m going back next week, so watch this space.

  9. I’d totally be breaking up the burpees like you did. Divide and conquer. I adore bread. Slathered with good Irish butter. But yeah it adds up fast. Sending you all the best thoughts for your upcoming surgery!

    1. oh Marcia you have no idea….I’m not allowed to buy butter anymore hahaha (from myself) – worse than peanut butter!!


  10. That I regret nothing meme – <3 That said, I revert back to "tracked and moved on" all too often. I need to fix that.
    And totally agree on the burpees. Also, great photos
    Do you have a doc you can speak with re: vitamins and surgery?

    1. yeah I thought that meme was purrfect. ha! see what I did there? thanks!

      I’m going to ask soon about the vitamins. I need to make a list and bring it to my appointment.

  11. You’ve got a lot going on. Thanks for the “BBB” lesson — I probably won’t bring it up to my Netherlands clients. ;-) I get you on the Pilates. In PT I’m supposed to engage my glutes before doing the prone leg lifts and I’m like “I got nothing!” Apparently creating that mind-body connection is the first step …. Tracking my food always made me crazy. Good luck!

    1. ha! I’m sure you could say it since you can pretty much say anything to a Dutch person. They love directness (sometimes too much) :) I’m sure they will know exactly what it is! I’m going to give pilates a shot but yeah I pretty much felt like “I got nothing” at the intro lesson!

  12. Can I say that I’m glad I’m not participating in a burpee challenge? You have to have a lot of stress leading up to your surgery, especailly not knowing when it will be!

    1. Yes you can :) I hate burpees. and yet i feel like I want to beat them somehow! I’m trying to let go of the stress, not worry so much, but it is difficult at times.

  13. I did a fit program with my boot camp and I get tired of logging things daily too. I don’t think I’ve logged for two weeks! I did try and be healthier and make better choices, but I like to live with an 80/20 type of meal plan where I try to be healthy 80 percent of the time and let myself have some indulgences 20 percent of the time. Like yesterday when I had a rough day and ate 3 cookies. Sigh. Emotional eating is totally a thing.

  14. Who doesn’t love bread! I think looking ahead to surgery can be more stressful than the recovery process. I hope it all goes smoothly!

  15. Thank you for sharing that you had a crappy week: I was just talking to my friend Trudie about how important it is to also share the crap times, not just the pretty and good ones today. Hope next week is a better week. And yes bread. Also cheese.

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