Jumping back into the blog

It’s been about a month and a half since I last wrote and that was at the beginning of the lockdown here in the Netherlands.

Admittedly the first several weeks were really hard, mentally; I just was consumed with the news and not feeling much like doing anything. The first two weeks I went into the office a couple of times and then our company decided that there was no reason to be in the office and to do so would be at your own risk. So I settled into home-working.

It’s been going ok – we have a daily video team meeting – and for the most part I can get my work done and even have a sport break in the middle of the day most days now. Sometimes there is extra stress – because I work in treasury and the market is so volatile, there are sometimes extra things that need to be done at short notice. But I’m rolling with it. What else can I do?

I didn’t have any goals at all for April – I think I was just trying to get through each day and each week. And to be honest, I’m happily surprised at how well I ended the month:


I had 15 runs in April with a total of 103,5KM. That’s the most I’ve run since August of last year. And we all know what happened in August (and if we don’t, let’s not dredge it up again).

Of note are the Virtual SocialDistancing parkruns I’m doing – basically still getting up on Saturday morning and running 5KM and submitting my results to the group . We all have parkrun registrations and though it’s unofficial, we can run the same route if we want and report back if we have a PB that day or not. So far we have done 7 virtual parkruns and I’ve done all 7. As for my own parkrun, we have no idea when it will happen. The date where more “mass” gatherings can possibly take place here in NL is September 1st. But I don’t know if parkrun falls into that category since we’d likely have less than 100 runners (more likely around 30 – 60 but you never know) .

Also Ron and I are making the effort to run “long” on Sundays; I’ve been doing these as walk/ run intervals.


I planned on a few more walks than what i “officially” did. Two lunch walks but quite some unofficial walking to and from my run starts.


On Monday 27th of April we had a holiday here in the Netherlands – King’s Day – which normally would be celebrated out and about with the entire population of the country but obviously this year was cancelled. So odd. Its usually the biggest street party of the year. Unless of course our football (soccer) team is in the European or World Cup.

It was a beautiful day so we rode 47KM to Nijmegen and back a different way. Our first long ride of the year! My bum is not used to riding for 3.5 hours though so we’ll have to get a few more rides in!

The Face of Nijmegen
The Face of Fonzie

Les Mills On Demand

I am so glad to have this subscription at home! I have been doing RPM since December when we got our spin bike at home but I’ve tried bodystep (not so sure about that) and started up bodypump again.

I did RPM 5 times in April and Bodypump 3 times. I even bought the smartbar set for bodypump because our bar at home is just too heavy for me (10KG) and you can’t get the weights on and off quickly. The smartbar set is equivalent to 10 months at the gym… so I will quit the gym but pay my savings back for 10 months as if I’m still going. We are lucky to have vacation pay included in our salary here in the Netherlands (which is about 2/3rd month’s pay) and since it’s very likely we aren’t going anywhere this year, I used part of my vacation pay to buy the set. I am already very happy to have it!

Lots of sweat equity with RPM
Bodypump before I got my smartbar set

Cardio & Strength

At the beginning of the month I attempted to do my own cardio and strength program at home – based on runner’s training that Ron had. I did that twice. I just prefer to have a whole workout mapped out for me and all I have to do is follow it without breaking a flow to check what I have to do next.

I have actually used my pilates roll several times for stretching purposes as well and we have a box I sometimes use to do lunges (with a pilates cushion for my toes on my left foot).

New Month – Let’s set some goals

Y’all know I don’t really like the pressure of goals but I feel like having a bit of a schedule is helping me physically and mentally right now so I’ve decided to go ahead and have goals for the month of May. Let’s see what happens!

Normally I would join the Weekly Run Down hosted by Kim and Deborah but I’m too late this week and besides, this is more like a monthly run down, right?

How have you been? How was April for you? Any goals for May?

28 thoughts on “Jumping back into the blog

  1. Getting used to this work from home shit. I on’t doing anything else for a long time.

    Trying to get outside as often as possible yet staying safe. That means I am missing my friends and restaurants and concerts and movies.

    I am healthy and so are my family members and friends. Still employed and can pay my bills. So gotta keep everything in perspective.

    1. My boss just informed us that we’ll be WFH until September earliest… they have to figure out the logistics of when people are in the office. And yeah, sorry but i’m not going up 14 flights of stairs every day to get to my work station! At least we HAVE outside, we have our family, we have our health… not everyone can say that.

  2. I am glad to see you back! It’s nice that you are feeling better about things and getting back to your schedule more. Looking strong and happy!

    1. Thank you so much Deborah! you guys have really helped me though, even if i haven’t been participating in the WRD :)

  3. Surviving April is enough accomplishment. Aren’t you glad you got that spin bike? I love seeing your outdoor rides too.

    1. Thanks Coco! Yes I am SO glad we got the spin bike! The outdoor rides are something i look forward to every spring for sure as well!

  4. Nice job Renee! April was a very wacky month indeed.

    I agree with you – the first few weeks of staying at home were hard for me. I feel like I couldn’t get into a groove and I didn’t know if I was coming or going most days – it was super frustrating. I feel that I know have a pretty good routine. I am so thankful that I still have my job during this time because it helps to give more of a sense of normalcy.

    1. Thanks Kim! That’s exactly how I felt too – there was just no groove going on! But Accepting that it is what it is right now really helps right?

  5. Hi!! So glad you’re back into blogging! Welcome back! :) You’ve been doing an amazing job with your workouts!! Sending a virtual high fix your way! Here’s hoping some sort of normalcy kicks in here soon or we may all just lose our minds! ha! Have a great week!!

  6. Love having you back! You did a great job making it work in April. I think we are all struggling in many different ways, but we are rolling with it as best we can. Love those long rides you are getting in. The bike and I are still not on the best of terms.

    1. Thanks Jenn! You guys all pushing through the struggle has really helped me. I’m definitely loving biking, always have though. Maybe you will be friends with the bike one day. Never say never!

  7. Nice running! Fall races haven’t been cancelled yet, but I kinda have a feeling they will be. Hope I’m wrong. I always say that there are no rules for blogging. A few bloggers I follow only post a few times a year if that. But it makes me happy when I see new posts from you, so write whenever you want.

    1. Thank you! I do feel like it would be crazy to have such a huge event before the end of the year, before there is an actual vaccine… let’s see, right?

  8. Yay you’re back! I’m not much of a goal setter either but like you, I’m finding that a little structure does me good. I’m so glad you’re still able to do the Park Runs virtually. Nice bike ride!

    1. Thanks Marcia! The goals really are more of a structure for sure and I need that. I will be so happy when parkrun is no longer virtual! And hopefully the bike rides will continue as well.

  9. Oh, my dear, we will joyfully welcome you back with open arms to the WRD!!!! I’m so excited to see you back in your routine, and it’s been great getting to chat with you (via ZOOM). I have found for me, regarding HIIT or strength workouts, I have to write them up the night prior. I’ve tried to wing it, and can sometimes hit most of the exercise sets, but there’s usually stuff that gets forgotten LOL Just the act of writing things down is enough to jog my memory the next morning. But I’m not getting older…..

    1. Thanks Kim and yes I’ve loved see you on the chats too! See you are one step ahead of me, you get as far as writing down your HIIT workouts! I am actually quite lazy for an active person!

  10. Great job with April! It makes sense as we’re all getting used to this new normal that we’re just doing our best to get through the days :) That’s good to hear that you’re enjoying the Les Mills app. Once all this is done I’m thinking of canceling our gym membership and getting something like that. I’ve been loving the free trial of the peloton app but it’s more expensive. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll have plenty of time to decide.

    1. Thanks Chaitali! I so agree with you. I have cancelled my gym membership this week because we heard that we can’t go to the gym until September! So yeah I think my investment was the right decision. There’s lots of classes on LMOD too , I’m just not sure how it compares to Peloton. Sadly there is no interaction via the app. You do have time to decide.

  11. Welcome back! You’ve done a lot to keep active. I’ve been thinking about shifting to more strength training once this Zooma program wraps up this week. It’s crazy how much the coronavirus has impacted our lives, even canceling national holidays! You have great goals for May. I think the goals help with maintaining a routine, which has really helped my sanity! Hope to see you at the next chat!

    1. Thanks Janelle! I do feel like I’m finally back to my old active self again but yeah what a weird and challenging time! And you’ve got the added bonus of a new baby to all of this mix!

  12. Welcome back! And it’s been so lovely seeing you on the Zoom chats! I completely forgot to activate my Les Mills on Demand subscription my gym sent me, I wonder if i can still get it. I’ve been disinclined to do anything but just run, however, and I’ve made my peace with that. At least I’m getting out, right?!

    1. Thank you Liz! Same! If you are interested in LMOD, definitely try the link, you never know. I’m surprised how motivating it’s been actually. I’ve never really been much of a home exerciser. Having the spin bike did change that a bit. And yes, getting out is already something good! No pressure to do more really; you’ll feel like it when you feel like it!

  13. Sounds like you are getting back into the swing of things! its been such a weird time everywhere. I used to love taking Body Pump when I went to a gym. I tried it on Demand a few times but it was hard without all the equipment. Glad its working out well for you!

    1. I’m doing my best that’s for sure. It has helped to see that you guys are still moving forward! Bodypump is hard without all the equipment so I’m glad i decided to make the investment. we just heard that gyms are closed until September …

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