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Sometimes it’s a Non-Scale Victory that motivates and inspires. It’s not all about the scale!

Zandvoort II

Tweet (I realize now I haven’t even done a race re-cap for Groet aan Schoorl, the race I did in February…) This past Sunday I participated in the 4th annual Zandvoort Circuit Run, a race near and dear to my heart as it’s the first race I’ve ever participated in last year. That’s right, my…

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The 30 Day No Scale Challenge

Tweet As I mentioned, I’m taking part in Alan’s 30 Day No Scale Challenge. I weighed in on Sunday, 25th of July, as the challenge indicated at 79.7KG or 175 lbs for you non-metric people. This is, in fact, the same weight as last week, not even one ounce off or on. Earlier in the…

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Project 42:2

Tweet The Update (written Sunday 25th April, before my 6K race in Amsterdam)  It’s actually been a great week all things considering.  Since I decided how I am going to go about my Plan, I really have focused on it, on my health, my choices and my commitment to myself, without the pressure of having…

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Without Even Trying

Tweet Today is the 9th day in a row that I’ve done some sort of activity. Now that isn’t much really if you think about it.  I mean, if you want to talk about someone making a an effort to move every single day then you would definitely need to look at Kat, who is…

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Not Funny, Clever, Famous or Glamourous

Tweet But just me. And today I kicked ass.  Finally. How did I kick ass? Well.  Perhaps it’s not an ass-kicking like climbing 96 flights of stairs in record time, running 10 miles at lunch or doing TurboJam before work.  In fact, I didn’t even exercise today. So, how on earth did I kick ass?…

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