Project 42:5

Update from last week:

These were my goals:

1) Eat well. Track Monday – Friday. (Sat – Friday no longer possible).
2) Running – 2 times
3) Get thee to the gym! Will go the evening I do not see my friend (I don’t know when that will be yet because she’s arriving tomorrow).
4) Focus on using my time alone wisely and not get lazy just because Hubs isn’t here.

How I did:

1) As you saw from my week food log, I tracked every day Mon- Fri.  I was again very hungry on Wednesday and I’m not really sure why, though I did run on Tuesday evening, maybe that has something to do with it?
2) I only ran once. I really wanted to run on Thursday, but it turned out that was the day I went to see my friend who was here for only a few days. Thursday was a holiday, so it made sense to see her then, rather than try to cram in a dinner after work. I wanted to run Friday and I ended up staying up too late on Thursday. Friday evening wasn’t possible as the kids arrived and Hubs was en route back home from India.
3) Did NOT go to the gym *sigh* I am really struggling to do this. I need to decide very soon if I’m going to quit or go because otherwise I’m wasting nearly €50 a month.
4) I think I did ok here, but it was quite a challenge to do everything myself. I do not hide the fact that I am VERY spoiled; Hubs is always home before I get home from work, he does the groceries, cooks, etc. I had a few meals prepared in advance and Hubs had picked up some things at the store for me that I could cook quickly when I needed to cook. Tuesday I forced myself to run for an hour, but then I didn’t even have dinner until 10pm. Wednesday I woke up ravenous.  All in all though, I tried very hard to use my time wisely.  I had a few things thrown into the mix – seeing my girlfriend and eating out twice – but I feel like I did the best I could possibly do each day.  Was each day stellar?  No, but that’s ok.

I’m getting a bit in a cycle again and I need to break out of it.  I need to make appointments with myself and KEEP those appointments.  Running, gym, food, etc.   I saw the scale go down and felt my jeans get looser, but I’m pretty sure I’m back up again (and yesterday’s baby shower did not help!!).  I will take photos for the Jeans Project, but I’m fairly certain you will see no difference.

I want to also find another race I can do before September’s race.  I feel like I’m getting a bit lazy!  Now is the time to do the exact opposite!  While the weather’s been fairly crap this last week it won’t stay like this forever.  I want to get out on my bike, go rollerblading, hit the pool, go running.  These are times I wish I did not work so far away from home.  I am wasting so much time on my commute and it gets me down a little bit.  I fantasize about working in the same city that I’m living in but each time I look around for jobs, there is really nothing for me.

Anyway, my plan for this week:

1) Go to the gym/ Zumba.  This will happen because I have an appointment with the Dietician at the gym at 19.45 tomorrow.  Then I can use the gym facilities AND go to Zumba at 21.00
2) Go to a Weight Watchers Meeting. This will be on Tuesday.
3) Running. Whenever. Morning or evening. It needs to be done. Or rather I WANT to do it.
4) Track and try a little bit harder to stay within the limits. 29 points is my daily target, it’s ok to go a few points over but not 15 points over every day. I could never expect to lose weight if I continue like this. Tracking, every day (will do Mon-Fri minimum).
5) Find another race I can do before the Dam tot damloop.

Am going to plan/prepare my food for the next couple of days at least (going to the gym and WW after work is a challenge because I’ll need to eat something on the train home) and make some carrot chickpea soup for snacks.

I feel bored, maybe it’s just a feeling today, maybe it’s something in general, but I am going to snap out of it. I control my life and my happiness and if I’m bored I’m responsible for getting out of it!

2 thoughts on “Project 42:5

  1. I know what you mean by getting into a cycle. The past few weeks haven’t been that great for me. So I sat down today and thought about what I want and how I’m going to do that. I want to go to my gym more often too as I pay a lot of money for it and right now I use it only once a week. Let you know how I’m doing.

    Good luck this week!

    For other races check here you can find every race that’s been held in Holland.

  2. Hey Fran! Paying for the gym is supposed to motivate us to go right? I just have to find a way to go at least twice, I HAVE to now!

    Thanks for the link! I found one race I could do and then I realised I had a concert to go to :( And with having the kids and then 3 weeks summer holiday I end up at August… and then I’m not sure I need to do a race in August and then the Dam tot Damloop… we’ll see. Hubs said I could do it on my own when we have the kids and they would support. So, just need to look at the schedule again.

    hope you are getting back into your groove again as well :)

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