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you can’t help but get on your bike when you live in the Lowlands!!

The Insanity that was April

Tweet What a month.  Man.  Am I glad that’s over.  I still have an unfinished post for Week 13, but I figured better to try and get April closed off now and move on.   April 1 + 2 and Week 14 Weekend of 1 + 2 did homework, housework, walked and biked (after picking…

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Sunday Run(Bike)Day

Tweet The last few days have been super stressful. Normally when I get stressed I put on my kit and hit the pavement to release some steam and clear my mind. But as you know, I’m almost 3 weeks post-op and not yet allowed to do so. Yesterday I think I spent at least 14…

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Tweet I don’t know how else to describe this month. Mind you, Epic doesn’t necessary mean good. In my case it means a lot of different things. Good. Bad. Stressed. Busy. Exhausted. First of all, the work thing is just insane. I can’t really give you too many details but the stress has just been…

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Three Years

Tweet Today is my wedding anniversary. Three years ago the hubs and I got married in Las Vegas with just a few people who were able to come and join us. We didn’t officially invite loads of people on purpose. We just wanted it to be small, intimate. In fact how it turned out is…

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The Last Week – an update

Tweet Haven’t had much time for a proper update post this week and this one will have to be quicker than usual – On Wednesday I weighed-in and officially lost 1.3KG my first week back from holiday and following my food guidelines again. Whoo! I am going to talk a little bit more in the…

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Easter Monday Bike Ride

Tweet Here in Europe, most of us have had a long weekend for Easter.  We don’t really celebrate religiously ourselves so for us it was just a nice long weekend.  We did have a special brunch (which hubs shopped for and ultimately included the Dutch favourite.  I was definitely on bread and cheese overkill yesterday) and spent…

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