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30 Day I’m Not Going to Eat Any Work Crap Challenge

(I actually wrote this on Wednesday 5th of January, after having a stressfun-filled day at work Tuesday) There is something that pisses me off immensely about myself. Time and time again, especially when feeling stressed I eat things that are “in my face” on the work floor even though I have plenty of healthy alternatives…

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Learn Something? Like What?

Why is it that every single time things just get TOO TOO much, I go for sweets and junk? . Seriously. You would think after SO MANY YEARS of doing this, I would get a real handle on things. Like, NEVER EVER going that route again. Why is it that I can quit smoking, and…

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Chances Are

Chances of ever learning: 0 . Chances of ever seeing the back of 80KG: 0 . Chances of not feeling jealous when others lose 3,672 lbs in less than a year while I only lose 5lbs: 0 . Chances of not feeling fed up with this whole fucking thing: 0 . Chances of ever getting…

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