It’s August. I’ve got Plans.

1 August, 2010 Off By Renée

In the recent past I’ve attempted making weekly goals, which sometimes work out and sometimes don’t. A lot of bloggers make monthly goals, which include health and fitness AND just regular life related goals. I like this concept a lot. I am not only my weight loss and fitness efforts. I have a life outside of that too and it’s important to have the balance instead of only focusing on my body.

These are the goals I have for August. I have been meaning to do my measurements and take Size 42 Jeans photos for ages (since I started Project 42), so that’s definitely in the cards this month. Since I’m participating in the 30 Day No-Scale Challenge, I’m focusing on other things to measure my success.

1) Food journal every single day. Whether online, on paper, on post-it notes, whatever. Every day journaling. Everything consumed.
2) Gym twice a week.
3) Running: 85 KM this month.
4) Add some really good things to my victory log
5) Read another book
6) Take my measurements (but don’t get on the scale!)
7) Make at least one new recipe I’ve been meaning to try for the last bazillion years.
8 ) Write to my grandmother
9) Make appointment for my new tattoo
10) Visit both of my girlfriends who just had a baby.

My birthday is in September and I’m not going to pretend that the number on the scale doesn’t matter at all. I have another 11 KG to lose to be at the top of my healthy weight range (around 23 lbs). At the very least it would be nice to not only have a change in my measurements but also to be one or two kilos closer to my goal by then. I do feel, however, that if I shift my thinking and my goals for the month to be NON-SCALE goals, I may get there sooner than if I was only focusing on the scale. I don’t know though. Let’s see what happens.

I really want to food journal because I think it’s SO important to be really in tune with what I’m putting into my body. It’s way too easy to forget things along the way or to just not journal at all because I’ve dipped into the candy jar or had too many glasses of wine. I want to be fully accountable this month. I think I will also see where I can perhaps make improvements along the way. See what works and what doesn’t. Since I’ve been to the dietician, I have altered the way I eat a bit and, while it’s not exactly on his recommendation, I feel like it is OK to eat the way he suggested instead of being stubborn about it.

Since I have a new 6-week program at the gym, I would really like to see how it works for me over the coming period. I specifically asked for a program that would help in my running but also strengthen and tone up my arms, stomach, back, bum and legs. I also recently committed to the gym for the next year and I want to really get my money’s worth this time!

In September I’m signed up for a 16K so it’s high time I get my running shoes on and really start hitting the pavement. I’m not going for the best time, nor do I have to run the whole thing. I just have to finish. If it’s possible to run the whole 16K that would really be ideal, but again, I’m going to do it because I want to and I’m going to listen to my body as I’m doing it!

I will definitely update as I go along. I’m feeling strong in mind and body and I feel like it’s going to be a really good month!!