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The Dublin By Bike Experience

During my rock’n’roll weekend my friends M and Babette and I took the opportunity to do some fun sight-seeing in Dublin by bike! I’ve done bike tours in Berlin, London and now Dublin. To be honest, because I’ve been a couple times in Berlin it gave me the confidence later to bike by myself in…

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June Wrap Up

It seems that whole changing jobs thing is really helping the rest of my life. Physically I feel less tired and I have more time to be committed to my health. In fact, what I noticed is that having the time to actually do what you want to do makes a HUGE difference. I think…

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Fitbloggin 2013: fears, beers and tears

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I had another amazing experience again at Fitbloggin this year though I would say slightly different than last year. 1. My amazing friend Jill-ann graciously offered me air miles to get from Amsterdam to San Francisco and back, so I only had to make my way to and from Portland…

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