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A key factor in weight loss

A Break

Tweet Phew. With the last months of running, goals, dietitians, working, not-sleeping enough, counting, traveling, and the last two weekends with each having a race on Sunday, I really needed a break. I didn’t actually realize I needed a break of course. Typical me likes to just keep going, even though I don’t really like…

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It’s August. I’ve got Plans.

Tweet In the recent past I’ve attempted making weekly goals, which sometimes work out and sometimes don’t. A lot of bloggers make monthly goals, which include health and fitness AND just regular life related goals. I like this concept a lot. I am not only my weight loss and fitness efforts. I have a life…

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The 30 Day No Scale Challenge

Tweet As I mentioned, I’m taking part in Alan’s 30 Day No Scale Challenge. I weighed in on Sunday, 25th of July, as the challenge indicated at 79.7KG or 175 lbs for you non-metric people. This is, in fact, the same weight as last week, not even one ounce off or on. Earlier in the…

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Project 42:5

Tweet Update from last week: These were my goals: 1) Eat well. Track Monday – Friday. (Sat – Friday no longer possible). 2) Running – 2 times 3) Get thee to the gym! Will go the evening I do not see my friend (I don’t know when that will be yet because she’s arriving tomorrow).…

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Daily 02/11

Tweet I realise some people really don’t want to know or don’t give a crap about what people eat whilst losing weight  – (no matter what program), but what I find most important is when I plan and stick to the plan, I see results. Since I’m ready to see results again, this is really…

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