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combining lifestyle changes with the things I love to do most

The Road To Hell

Was paved with good intentions… That’s what the past, oh, I don’t know, 10 days has been like. Lots of half-blogs written, goals jotted down, notes of “I’m going to fill-in-the-blank-here” but honestly, it’s all been just a cover-up of paving the road to hell. Last week I was in London for work and before…

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The Update that Wasn't

I mentioned last week that the plan was that there was no real plan and that I was travelling to London in the week. I can also tell you that I did not weigh in this morning, which was also the plan.  Maybe that’s like believing that Denial is Only a River in Egypt, but…

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OK. Seriously?

Before I do a proper update for this week… I just want to say… Seriously???? It wasn’t a perfect week, but 5/7 days completely on, working out like crazy, making sure I did everything right and the scale is staying pretty much the same???  In fact, I gained 200 grams this week??? 5/7 days tracking,…

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Daily, Travel and WW update

As I mentioned in my post here, there were a few things I wanted to do for the coming week.  1) Water – I definitely managed my 1.5 litres, but only just.  There was one day I didn’t write down my water (on Saturday 21/11) but I know I had enough (though with all the…

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