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WRD: The Last Few Weeks

Tweet I’ve missed a few weeks, and I’ll try to wrap them up short but sweet! I’m still counting down, ready for the year to end. Putting this year out to the curb, waiting for sanitation to pick it up and take it to the incineration facility. Week 50 This week was a short work…

By Renée 29 December, 2019 30

WRD: No Clever Title Here

Tweet Another Week Bites the Dust It’s that time again. It wasn’t a bad week, but here I am on Sunday, struggling to feel OK about things. Please don’t think I want to feel this way or that I don’t try to find the positive in every day. I promise you I do. I’m just…

By Renée 17 November, 2019 33

WRD: Stormy Weather

Tweet I had a lot of hope for this week. It seemed like the universe was a little bit against that hope. It’s fine. It just could have been better. WAY better. It is full on Autumn here in the Netherlands. For those of you who know nothing about the seasons here it goes a…

By Renée 6 October, 2019 27