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It’s true, it’s a story

Tweet So, Hey, how are you? Sorry I haven’t really updated lately. Even the 11×11 post was not meant to be published yet. Bloody hell I am not so great with this stuff am I? So a little update on the last couple of weeks: Gym: I’m going to the gym! I realize now I…

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The Quick Update Update

Tweet Sorry to have to be so quick, but it’s either cleverly think of things to blog about for this week or just update and go into the kitchen and sort out my food for tomorrow. We all know how I like to plan and be prepared so the quick update wins. Monday I went…

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Crazy Week

Tweet It was a crazy, crazy week last week. Basically, on Monday morning, my husband was in a car accident. He’s fine. The other person is fine, but the car is just trashed. In fact that car no longer belongs to us. Any accident is bound to ruin someone’s day/week/month/year/life, right? No one wants to…

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