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Spinning Around

No, we are not talking Kylie here and we are not talking Dead or Alive Though admittedly I probably could work up a sweat in a club dancing to these two tunes, I’m talking about Spinning: I have been wanting to try spinning for a long time now, but I am actually scared to try…

By Renée 18 October, 2010 Off

Everything is fine. So What’s Wrong?

I’ve officially been home from my Greek vacation for one week now. It was only Wednesday that I had to go back to work, so I even had a few days to get used to being home again. Yesterday, quite late in my work day (since I was late anyway) I felt like I could…

By Renée 24 July, 2010 Off

Project 42: The Plan

Weight Watchers ProPoints – 29 points per day, 49 extra per week.  (Monday’s result:  32.5 / 3.5 from extra) Earn minimum 50 activity points per week.  (so far 9 on Sunday) Run minimum two times per week.  (plan: Tuesday and Friday) Gym minimum two times per week. (plan: Thursday and Saturday) 200 situps challenge –…

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